I exited the corporate change arena nearly two years ago.  In that time, I followed a personal change goal – to bring about transformation in the bread industry and set up a social change business. Which is now happening and ongoing www.breadrev.com

As I return to my gift of change facilitation and once again focus on MyCube4Change (MC4C). Here are some of my musings:

  1. Digital transformation can lead us to our humanity;
  2. Collaboration is more important than going it alone; and
  3. Our relationship to time and it’s influence on decisions.

Over the last year I have become excited about digital transformation and what it can do to improve business profitability and performance; recognising we are in a massive change cycle where lots of the jobs being done today will be replaced by new and innovative digital tech.

Like some others, I don’t see this negatively, but rather as a challenge that will force human beings to find creative ways to be less robotic and more human. A great time for reinvention away from the mundane and deeper into purpose and meaning.

So my aim is to look for businesses that need to take the step from traditional to technologically/digitally run businesses and to help manage the change required. I also have a few digital partnerships up my sleeve but this is still in the pipeline. Good tech and peoples change are what is required.

The other thing I am wanting to do is collaborate, so  I am joining a new collective called Tidal focused on change and people development in the business arena. 

One of the things the break from consulting has given me is perspective. I see far too many consultants going it alone and of course this has been my story in the past.

So working collaboratively is a key focus.

With this in mind I am hoping to grow a collective of “Change Facilitators” who can both facilitate personal and group change. Knowing what MC4C has achieved in the past and the difference it has made, equipping more people to use it is high on my agenda.

If you are interested in this please mail me jeremy@mycube4change.com

Lastly another key learning from my break has to do with time.

I have come to discover how critical our relationship and perception of time is. And how relationship to time influences our responses in every moment.

Therefore what has been highlighted is that our state of being when making decisions plays a critical role in how we respond (especially in times of disruption like so much of the world is currently experiencing).

So I would like to play a role in helping people develop their decision-making from improved states of being.