For the last three years, I have significantly cut back on using MyCube4Change. The reason is twofold. One I needed a rest, working with people in change (with people’s pain) had worn me down, and secondly I wanted to do something where I was more personally involved in bringing change in Southern Africa and not just serving other people’s change agendas.

Hence the birth of BREADrev www.breadrev.com which is a much more tactile endeavour. Now up and running with a small staff and HQ in Fish Hoek Cape Town.

I have also had some time to rework and think about how MC4C can best assist people in change and what part of change I can offer the most impact.  This means there are a few key changes going forward:

  • The theoretical component of MC4C has been cut by 75% leaving a more simple and effective process.
  • As a result of the above there is now a much shorter equipping time (3hrs) which is much more experientially based allowing the application to be easier. 
  • I will no longer use MC4C  to assist with the process of helping people discover what they need to change and only work with application of change (make the change happen). So MC4C will be used with people who know what they want to change.
  • A greater emphasis will be placed on the “evidence of change” using a process of peer-based accountability that relates to the execution of single responses.
  • The above will also enable easier measurement of the actual change happening. So clearer progress and change results will be more easily available.

This all came about a few months back when I was on my annual retreat with a few special men. When it became quite obvious to me that although I enjoy doing BREADrev, that not to do MC4C was against a larger will for my life.

As I reflected on this I muttered the words “change.. bread.. ovens” under my breath and one of the men happened to hear me and questioned what I had just said. What resulted was a discussion where it became clear to me and those with me that I needed to do all three.

So my new business cards from 2017 will read Change Bread Ovens as I try to find the balance of assisting with change and leading BREADrev in 2017.

I am really exited and with the new changes to MC4C and know that going forward I will be more effective in assisting businesses apply change.