MyCube4Change (MC4C)

MC4C helps people apply change.  It is a processing framework that facilitates practical, intuitive and sustainable change in individuals and groups.

It is a generic framework and can be applied to any change situation, and nearly 10 000 South Africans have used the MC4C framework to assist them with change and transformation.

Our understanding of change is based on some key truths. We believe that:

  • Change is not an idea.
  • Change is hidden in the actions that people make.
  • People have to take new steps that are contrary to their established patterns of behaviour.
  • People don’t like change.
  • People need energy to be able to change.
  • When people are left to their own devices we know they will not effect change.
  • Change doesn’t happen in isolation, it is more likely when we do it together.
  • Change does not happen just because you have intellectual understanding of what must change.
  • You cannot think your way through change.

The ability to change is based on three key conditions:

  1.     A person must see a new possibility
  2.     Believe there is a compelling benefit for a new action.
  3. They need to choose a response and do something new to provide evidence of the change.

In order to embrace change, people must feel the pain of their current reality, have a willingness to change, and then energy to effect a new way of being. But as we know, change can be difficult, painful and energy consuming and so in most cases we fail because we avoid the change.

Most change initiatives fail because too many conversations are had about the change. These conversations are often sophisticated avoidance strategies. 

MC4C is a practice based approach to change. It applies to any given change struggle, in any moment and helps you to take just the next step and action. It prevents the over intellectualisation of the change.