MC4C makes change happen by helping people, teams and companies turn their struggles into new actions.


The framework can help people process resistance and struggle into new actions, rather than getting stuck in the things that limit and obstruct change.  It succinctly defines the change into practical actions and then measures the change progression. It creates a common language that empowers people to engage with change. In a fast-paced and ever changing world, the agility, energy and confidence to demonstrate observable change is an essential contributor to success.

Change is a continuous cycle of seeing what must change, reflecting on how and why you need to change and then to respond and take the next step...

When it comes to change, knowing about the change or knowledge of the change does not mean we have the capacity to effect that change.

MC4C is based on the premise of ‘what you value is what you do’.  The true measure of what you value is reflected in how you spend your time, not ideas or feelings.  This is central to all change.


Jeremy Barty

After working with executive teams that returned with recurring problems, Jeremy Barty developed MC4C in 2004 in collaboration with Dr Wynand de Kock, Clinical Psychologist and Theologian. Since then the tool has been used effectively by more than 10 000 people in individual and corporate change projects.

Over the last 20 years, Jeremy has worked with a wide variety of clients: Microsoft, De Beers Diamonds, M&C Saatchi Abel, Grapevine, Verso, Momentum, Metropolitan, Medscheme, Nashua Mobile.

Jeremy is a member of Tidal Pool, behaviour change and team development specialists.